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Some activities are commonly expressed in English by the phrase Go + Ving. See the list below.

go camping go hiking go fishing go hunting
go swimming go diving go surfing go snorkeling
go water skiing go scuba diving go sind surfing go skiing
go snowboarding go (ice) skating go shopping go bowling
go roller skating go jogging go running go rollerblading
go skateboarding go sky diving go parachuting go parasailing


A: Would you like to go skiing this weekend?

B: No, I’d rather go ice skating.

A: Did you go bowling last night?

B: Actually, I went shopping instead.

Common mistakes:

I want to camping on Saturday. (Incorrect)
I want to go camping on Saturday. (Correct)
They went to jogging this morning. (Incorrect)
They went jogging this morning. (Correct)
I like to swimming. (Incorrect)
I like to swimming. (Okay)
I like to swim. (Okay)
I like swimming. (Okay)
I like to go swimming. (Okay)

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