Tips for the TOEFL Writing Section

Tips for the TOEFL Writing Section

1. Use present tense

For facts and observations

Cars are essential for life in the U.S. Most people can benefit from higher education.


I think (that) . . .

I believe (that) . . .

In my opinion . . .

2. Use past tense

To describe previous experiences

When I was in high school, . . .

My brother worked in a factory.

3. Use modals correctly

Guns should be banned from campus.

Cars can cause serious problems.

4. Check S – V relationship

Most of the people who live in Utah need cars for their everyday lives.

I lived on campus, and it was easy to get around without a car.

5. Check plurals and articles

Cars are important to most Americans.

The used car I bought was a bad investment.

6. Give details and examples to support your opinions

When I moved off campus, I had to buy a car. Whenever I left my house to go shopping or run errands, I had to travel a great distance. My car was the only means of transportation because I lived too far from the bus stop.