Contemporary Topics 2

Contemporary Topics 2




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Is there too much violence on television? What makes someone a genius? How safe is the Internet? Listen to the answers to these and other exciting questions through this cutting-edge series! The texts equip students for college challenges by helping them listen selectively, take notes, review key ideas, retain information, and apply what they have learned. Twelve natural and lively recorded lectures per level provide motivating introductions to academic listening, from genetically engineered food and computer ethics to astronomy and public art. They feature realistic note-taking practice, ample pre-listening activities, vocabulary preview, post-lecture tests, additional projects, and a wealth of illustrations. An Academic Word List ensures familiarity with the most frequently used academic terms. The Teacher’s Packs contain unit quizzes, audio scripts, and answer keys. Formerly Longman Lecture Series.

Book 1 (Intermediate):

Identifying main ideas/details, noting dates and numbers, listening for signal phrases, making comparisons or contrasts. Formerly Introductory Topics.

Book 2 (High Intermediate):

Explaining key words, creating topic headings, making columns, showing cause/effect, clustering related ideas. Formerly Selected Topics.

Book 3 (Advanced):

Noting statistics, using abbreviations, making charts, drawing sketches, noting processes and definitions. Formerly Contemporary Topics.