Now Hear This

Now Hear This

Now Hear This

High Beginning Listening, Speaking, and Pronunciation




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Barbara H. Foley

Heinle & Heinle





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This second book in the Listen to Me! Series is a winner in the areas of determining meaning from context, following a main idea, listening for a specific purpose, and recognizing grammatical structures. The 15 thematic units are composed of seven sections: Comprehension (students listen to a one-to-three minute recorded narrative and respond through interactive exercises); Structure and Pronunciation (focus on language discrimination and listening for features such as reductions, elisions, and intonation), Conversation (three to six short conversations or interview comments related to the topic), and Interviews, Face to Face, and Interaction (all designed to give students ample opportunities to share their own interests and opinions). Listening passages range from stories to dialogues, and high-interest topics such as drunk driving, dream interpretation, and recycling relate directly to students’ lives. Tapescripts are included in the student book.