The Word is:”some”


determiner: some

1. an unspecified amount or number of.
“I made some money running errands”
2. used to refer to someone or something that is unknown or unspecified.
“she married some newspaper magnate twice her age”
3.(used with a number) approximately.
“some thirty different languages are spoken”
4. (pronounced stressing ‘some’) a considerable amount or number of.
“he went to some trouble”
5.(pronounced stressing ‘some’) at least a small amount or number of.
“he liked some music but generally wasn’t musical”
6.(pronounced stressing ‘some’) expressing admiration of something notable.
“that was some goal”

  • used ironically to express disapproval or disbelief.
    “Mr Power gave his stock reply. Some help!”
  • pronoun
    pronoun: some

    1. an unspecified number or amount of people or things.
    “here are some of our suggestions”
    2. (pronounced stressing ‘some’) at least a small amount or number of people or things.
    “surely some have noticed”

    adverb North American informal
    adverb: some

    1. to some extent; quite a lot.
    “he needs feeding up some”

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