The Word is:”word”


noun: word; plural noun: words; noun: one’s word; plural noun: one’s words

1. a single distinct meaningful element of speech or writing, used with others (or sometimes alone) to form a

sentence and typically shown with a space on either side when written or printed.
“I don’t like the word ‘unofficial’”
synonyms: term, name, expression, designation, locution; More
turn of phrase, idiom;
“the Italian word for ‘ham’”
  • a single distinct conceptual unit of language, comprising inflected and variant forms.
  • something spoken or written; a remark or statement.
    “his grandfather’s words had been meant kindly”
    synonyms: remark, comment, statement, utterance, observation, pronouncement, declaration
  • “his grandfather’s words had been meant kindly”
  • even the smallest amount of something spoken or written.
    noun: a word
    “don’t believe a word of it”
  • angry talk.
    “her father would have had words with her about that”
    synonyms: quarrel, argue, disagree, row, squabble, bicker, fight, wrangle, dispute, feud, have a
  • row, cross swords, lock horns, clash, be at each other’s throats;
    informalfall out, have a tiff, have a spat;
    informalhave a barney;
    “it’s obvious the two of you have had words”
  • speech as distinct from action.
    “he conforms in word and deed to the values of a society that he rejects”
  • 2. a command, password, or signal.

    “someone gave me the word to start playing”
    synonyms: instruction, order, command;
    signal, prompt, cue, tip-off;
    informalgo-ahead, thumbs
    up, green light;
    informalhigh sign
    “I’m waiting for the word from the Department of Justice”

  • command, order, decree, edict, mandate;
    bidding, will
    “he was a strict disciplinarian whose word was law”
  • communication; news.
    “I was afraid to leave Edinburgh in case there was word from the War Office”
    synonyms: news, information, communication, intelligence, notice;
    message, report,
  • communiqué, dispatch, bulletin, account;
    data, facts;
    informalinfo, the gen, the low-down;
    informalthe dope, the poop;
    “apparently there’s no word from the hospital yet”

  • rumour, hearsay, talk, gossip;
    informalthe grapevine, the word on the street;
    informalthe scuttlebutt
    “word has it he’s turned over a new leaf”
  • 3. one’s account of the truth, especially when it differs from that of another person.

    “in court it would have been his word against mine”

  • a promise or assurance.
    “everything will be taken care of—you have my word”
    synonyms: promise, word of honour, assurance, guarantee, undertaking;
    pledge, vow, oath,
  • bond;
    archaictroth, parole
    “everything will be taken care of—I give you my word”

    4. the text or spoken part of a play, opera, or other performed piece; a script.

    “he had to learn his words”
    synonyms: script, text; More
    lyrics, libretto
    “I’ve only got three weeks to learn the words”

    5. a basic unit of data in a computer, typically 16 or 32 bits long.

    verb: word; 3rd person present: words; past tense: worded; past participle: worded; gerund or present participle: wording

    1. express (something spoken or written) in particular words.

    “he words his request in a particularly ironic way”
    synonyms: phrase, express, put, couch, frame, set forth, formulate, style;
    say, utter, state
    “the question had been carefully worded”

    Practice videos

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