Sh, Ch, J, and Y Sounds

Sh, Ch, J, and Y Sounds


Pronunciation: Sh, Ch, J, and Y Sounds
Minimal Pairs

shoe chew Jew major mayor etch edge
she chi gee watching washing witch wish
shear chear jeer year etcher catch cash
ship chip yip bridges britches leash leech
shin chin gin lashing latches badge batch
shell gel yell ageless h-less much mush

Challenging Words

jail chest stranger exchange
share shrew shrinking voyager
yawn jinks fragile jealousy
child chicken Yankee January
sheaf kitchen genealogy childishness
chief midget shadowy ingeuity
yeast yearly Jill yen

In Phrases

cash register a jet engine which is which?
Generation X Cajun chicken year of the jackal
wishy-washy a jazz musician the Challenger tragedy
wedge issues yellow jacket tragedy
New Jersey shore place your wager pickled jellyfish


Q. Which university did you go to?
A. I want to Yale/jail.
Q. Oh yea? Wjem dod upi gradiate/ get out?
A. I never finished the last term.
Q. What did the genie give you?
A. Three wishes/witches.
Q. Oh really? What did you use/need them for?
A. A magic ride in the night sky.

Oral Reading

Jerry and Sherry were very fond of cherry jelly. Every year in July, they would jump in their jeep and head for the orchard, where they would pick a few bushels of the fruit in a jiffy. Then they would carry their cherished treasure to Sherry’s house, where they would proceed to change the berries into their favorite treat. They used and old-fashioned recipe, which called for sugar, gelatin, and of course, jillions of cherries. They stirred the mixture in a huge aluminum pot, then gently poured it into shallow jars. They shared a few samples with the children, but the majority of the batch would be saved until January or February when they could enjoy it even more.