The Voiced TH sound

The Voiced TH sound


Pronunciation: The Voiced “th” Sound
Minimal Pairs

thee Dee Lee bathe bade other udder
then den zen breathe breed rather fodder
that teethe tease
they day lay writhe ride
there dare lair loathe load
through dough low

Challenging Words

feather the rhythm thereupon
zither they rhythmic therewith
lather theirs therefore
rather they’ve

In Phrases

rythm, rhyme and harmony under the weather teething ring
That was then, this is now one or the other lather, rinse, repeat
either this one or that one bathing beauties a feather in her cap
father, mother, sister, brother


Q. Is your father coming to the gathering this Saturday?
A. No, Neither is my mother.
Q. That’s too bad. My brother was looking forward to seeing them.
A. Well, they’re both a little under the weather.
Q. Oh, sorry to hear that. Can I send something or other to cheer them up?
A. Please don’t bother. They’ll be fine.

Oral Reading

Even though my father is a weatherman, he can’t predict with absolute certainty whether it will rain or not. Neither can the other people who work with him. They say there’s only a thirty per cent chance of rain, and the next thing you know, it’s pouring. They predict snow, and there’s nothing for another five days. Then, there’s a blizzard. So rather than trust my father’s weather forecasts, I use a more reasonable approach. I ask my mother.




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