Active Skills for Reading 2

Active Skills for Reading 2




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Neil J. Anderson

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IN with Association

A=Activate Prior Knowledge

C=Cultivate Vocabulary

T=Teach for Comprehension

I=Increase Reading Fluency

V=Verify Strategies

E=Evaluate Progress

Together, this series is more than an acronym–it’s one of the most “active” reading series on the market! Using thematically organized non-fiction reading passages to infuse new English readers with both proficiency and passion., these books sparkle with two-color, enticing exercises. The series aims to carefully develop students’ reading skills by incorporating pre-reading activities, vocabulary development exercises, timed readings, and opportunities to increase students’ reading rate. High-interest topics such as sports, culture, and technology help students connect the material to their lives outside the classroom, while texts ranging from charts to interviews solicit the diverse skills of scanning, predicting, and summarizing. Each book includes vocabulary and skill indexes. Each five-page unit follows a similar framework of exercises: Before you Read (questions centered around photographs), Reading Skill (the reading), Reading Comprehension (post-reading tasks), Vocabulary Comprehension, What Do You Think? (pairwork discussion questions), and Real Life Skill (measuring units, dictionary usage, job hunting tips, and more!).

Cassettes or CDs: Contain recordings of all the reading passages.

Teacher’s Guides: Offer an introduction to the series’ methodology, a unit walkthrough, answer keys, and lesson notes.

Level 1: High-Beginning

Level 2: Low-Intermediate

Level 3: Intermediate

Level 4: High-Intermediate