Read All About It, Book 1

Read All About It, Book 1




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Lori Howard

Oxford University Press





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Extra! Extra! Read all about it! From purple potato salad to lottery winnings, the stories in this engaging collection will humor you, surprise you, and invite students to learn English through a sparkling avenue! Drawn from authentic news articles, folktales, and poetry, each of the 24 two-color selections is supported with photographs and illustrations. The pre-reading, reading, and post-reading activities include filling in the blanks, matching, interpreting graphs, and discussing solutions to problems. These books can be used either as independent text or with the support of The Oxford Picture Dictionary. Themes and word lists in the readers correspond to those in the dictionary. The cassettes contain recordings of all the readings.

Book 1: High-beginning level.
Book 2: Starts where book 1 leaves off; moves from high-beginning to low-intermediate level.