The Word is:”all”


predeterminer,   determiner,   & pronoun
determiner: all;   pronoun: all

1.used to refer to the whole quantity or extent of a particular group or thing.
“all the people I met”
synonyms: each of, each one of the, every one of the, every single one of the; More
antonyms: no, none of the, little, none, nobody, nothing
any whatever.
“he denied all knowledge of it”
used to emphasize the greatest possible amount of a quality.
“they were in all probability completely unaware”
the only thing (used for emphasis).
“all I want is to be left alone”
(used to refer to surroundings or a situation in general) everything.
“all was well”


adverb: all

“dressed all in black”
synonyms: completely, fully, entirely, totally, wholly, absolutely, utterly, outright, thoroughly, altogether, quite, in every respect, in all respects, without reservation, without exception
“he was dressed all in black”
antonyms: partly, not at all
used to emphasize a temporary quality.
“my ankle’s gone all wobbly”

2.(in games) used after a number to indicate an equal score.
“after extra time it was still two all”

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