American Numbers Prices

American Numbers Prices


Where are some phrases and expressions using numbers and American prices.
See also: Free-English-Study : Numbers and Prices.

Remember that in English, we divide prices at the decimal point.

For example $4.59 four dollars (and) fifty-nine cents (long way)
four / fifty nine (short way)

(Time is also divided in a similar way: 12:47 is said “twelve / forty-seven”)

Americans often say large numbers in “phrases” of two digits.

For example $267 two hundred sixty-seven (long way)
4381 two / sixty seven (short way)
four thousand three hundred eighty-one
forty-three / eighty-one

Some people also use two-digit phrasing with telephone numbers:

565-8347 five-six-five // eighty-three / forty-seven

Practice the following prices (both long and short ways) with a partner:

That will be____(price)______
That comes to ____(price)____

 $59.65 $1.79* $29.00** $425.78 $231.49 $3,657.88
$27.95 $6.75 $82.03 $781.34 $690.42 $9,405.31
$14.40 $77.17 $70.50 $211.54 $380.18 $1,550.15

*Also : a dollar seventy-nine

**Also : twenty-nine (dollars) even

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