The Word is:”ask”


verb: ask; 3rd person present: asks; past tense: asked; past participle: asked; gerund or present participle: asking
1.say something in order to obtain an answer or some information.

“I asked her what she meant”
synonyms: enquire (of), query, want to know, question, put a question to, interrogate, quiz, cross-question, cross-examine, catechize; More
antonyms: answer
talk to different people in order to find out something.
“there are fine meals to be had if you ask around”
enquire about the health or well-being of.
“if I see him I’ll tell him you were asking after him”

2.say to (someone) that one wants them to do or give something.

“Mary asked her father for money”
synonyms: request, demand, appeal to, apply to, petition, call on, entreat, beg, implore, exhort, urge, enjoin, importune, pray, solicit, beseech, plead with, sue, supplicate; More
say that one wants permission to do something.
“she asked if she could move in”
say that one wants to speak to.
“when I arrived I asked for Katrina”
say that one wants (a specified amount) as a price for selling something.
“he was asking £250 for the guitar”
expect or demand (something) of someone.
“it’s asking a lot, but could you look through Billy’s things?”

3.invite (someone) to one’s home or a function.

“it’s about time we asked Pam to dinner”
synonyms: invite, bid, have someone over/round, summon; request the pleasure of someone’s company
“let’s ask them to dinner”
invite someone to join one on a group outing.
“do you want to ask him along?”
invite someone out on a date.
“a few boys asked her out but never the right ones”


noun: ask; plural noun: asks; noun: big ask

the price at which an item, especially a financial security, is offered for sale.
“ask prices for bonds”
a demand or situation that requires a specified degree of effort or commitment.
“it is a big ask for him to go and play 90 minutes”

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