The Word is:”boy”


noun:  boy;   plural noun:  boys

1.a male child or youth.

“a four-year-old boy”
synonyms: lad, schoolboy, child, little one, young one, youngster, youth, young man, young fellow, young adult, young person, teenager, adolescent, juvenile, minor, junior; More
antonyms: man
a person’s son.
“she put her little boy to bed”
a male child or young man who does a specified job.
“a delivery boy”
2.a man, especially a young or relatively young one.
“I was the new boy at the office”
men who mix socially or who belong to a particular group, team, or profession.
“I hope that our boys will continue to play good quality rugby”
a friendly form of address from one man to another, especially from an older man to a young man.
“my dear boy, don’t say another word!”
a black male servant or worker (often used as a form of address).
a form of address to a male dog.
“down boy!”

exclamation  informal
exclamation: boy

1.used to express strong feelings, especially of excitement or admiration.
“oh boy, that’s wonderful!”

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