The Word is:”case”


noun: case; plural noun: cases instance of a particular situation; an example of something occurring.
“a case of mistaken identity”
synonyms: instance, occurrence, occasion, manifestation, demonstration, exhibition, exposition, expression; More
the situation affecting or relating to a particular person or thing.
“I’ll make an exception in your case”
synonyms: the situation, the position, the picture, the state of affairs, the state of play, the lie of the land; More
an incident or set of circumstances under official investigation by the police.
“a murder case”
synonyms: investigation, enquiry, examination, exploration, probe, search, scrutiny, scrutinization, study, inspection, inquest, reconnoitring, sounding; More instance of a disease, injury, or problem.
“200,000 cases of hepatitis B”
synonyms: patient, sick person, invalid, sufferer, victim; client
“urgent cases were turned away from the hospital”
a person or their particular problem requiring or receiving medical or welfare attention.
“most breast cancer cases were older women”
a person whose situation is regarded as pitiable or as having no chance of improvement.
“Vicky was a very sad case”
an amusing or eccentric person.
3.a legal action, especially one to be decided in a court of law.
“a libel case”
synonyms: lawsuit, action, legal action, suit, suit at law, cause, legal cause, trial, proceedings, legal proceeding(s), judicial proceedings, litigation, legal process, legal dispute, indictment
“he lost his case and was ordered to pay £1.5 million in damages”
a set of facts or arguments supporting one side in a legal case.
“the case for the defence”
a set of facts or arguments supporting one side of a debate or controversy.
“the case against tobacco advertising”
synonyms: argument, contention, reasoning, logic, defence, justification, vindication, apology, polemic; More
an agreed summary of the facts relating to a legal case, drawn up for review or decision on a point of law by a higher court.
noun: case stated; plural noun: cases stated; plural noun: case stateds
any of the forms of a noun, adjective, or pronoun that express the semantic relation of the word to other words in the sentence.
“the accusative case”
synonyms: inflection, form, ending; More

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