The Word is:”did”


past of do1.



past tense: did

1.perform (an action, the precise nature of which is often unspecified).
“something must be done about the city’s traffic”
synonyms: carry out, undertake, discharge, execute, perpetrate, perform, accomplish, implement, achieve, complete, finish, conclude; More

  • perform (a particular task).
    “Dad always did the washing up on Sundays”
  • work on (something) to bring it to completion or to a required state.
    “it takes them longer to do their hair than me”
  • synonyms: prepare, make, get ready, fix, produce, see to, arrange, organize, be responsible

    for, be in charge of, look after, take on More

  • do the cleaning for a person or household.
    “Florrie usually did for the Shermans in the mornings”
  • make or have available and provide.
    “many hotels don’t do single rooms at all”
    synonyms: paint, draw, sketch
  • solve; work out.
    “Joe was doing sums aloud”
    synonyms: work out, figure out, calculate, add up;
  • cook (food) to completion or to a specified degree.
    “if a knife inserted into the centre comes out clean, then your pie is done”
  • (often in questions) work at for a living.
    “what does she do?”
    synonyms: do for a living, work at, be employed as, earn a living as/at; what is …’s job?
  • “what does he do?”

  • learn or study; take as one’s subject.
    “I’m doing English, German, and History”
    synonyms: study, read, learn, take a course in, take classes in, be taught

    “she’s doing archaeology at university”

  • produce or give a performance of (a particular play, opera, etc.).
    “the Royal Shakespeare Company are doing Macbeth next month”
    synonyms: put on, present, produce, give; More
  • informal
    imitate (a particular person) in order to entertain people.

  • “he not only does Schwarzenegger and Groucho, he becomes them”

  • take (a narcotic drug).
    “he doesn’t smoke, drink, or do drugs”
  • attend to (someone).
    “the barber said he’d do me next”
  • vulgar slang
    have sexual intercourse with.

  • informal
    have sexual intercourse.
    “I only ever did it in the missionary position”
  • informal
    urinate or defecate.
  • 2.achieve or complete, in particular:

  • travel (a specified distance).
    “one car I looked at had done 112,000 miles”
    synonyms: travel, journey, go, cover, travel over, pass over, journey over, traverse, cross, range over, put behind one, get under one’s belt, attain, achieve, log; More
  • travel at (a specified speed).
    “I was speeding, doing seventy-five”
    synonyms: drive at, travel at, go at, proceed at, move at
    “he was caught doing 80mph in a 50mph area”
  • make (a particular journey).
    “last time I did Oxford–York return by train it was £50”
  • achieve (a specified sales figure).
    “our bestselling album did about a million worldwide”
  • informal
    visit as a tourist, especially in a superficial or hurried way.
    “the Americans are allotted only a day to do the Yorkshire Moors”
    synonyms: visit, tour, sightsee in, look around/round, take in the sights of

    “we’re doing Scotland this summer”

  • spend (a specified period of time) in prison or in a particular occupation.
    “he did five years for manslaughter”
  • informal
    “you must sit there and wait till I’ve done”
  • be over.
    “the special formula continues to beautify your tan when the day is done”
    give up concern for; have finished with.
    “I should sell the place and be done with it”

    be finished with, have finished with, be done with, be through with, want no more to do with, be no longer involved with/in, have given up, have no further dealings with, have turned one’s back on, have washed one’s hands of, have no more truck with

    “the drug scene is behind me—I have done with it”
    antonyms: get into

  • 3.act or behave in a specified way.

    “they are free to do as they please”
    synonyms: act, behave, conduct oneself, acquit oneself; More

  • make progress or perform in a specified way; get on or fare.
    “when a team is doing badly, it’s not easy for a new player to settle in”
    synonyms: get on, get along, progress, fare, make out, get by, manage, cope, survive; More
    have a specified effect on.
    “the walk will do me good”
    result in.
    “the years of stagnation did a lot of harm to the younger generation”
  • suitable or acceptable.

    “if he’s anything like you, he’ll do”
    synonyms: suffice, be adequate, be satisfactory, be acceptable, be good enough, be of use, fill the bill, fit the bill, answer the purpose, serve the purpose, meet one’s needs, pass muster; More
    suffice or be usable.
    “a strip of white cotton about 20 yards long did for a fence”


    beat up or kill.
    “one day I’ll do him”
    be ruined.
    “once you falter, you’re done”
    rob (a place).
    “this would be an easy place to do and there was plenty of money lying around”

    “a thousand pounds for one set of photos—Jacqui had been done”


    prosecute or convict.
    “we got done for conspiracy to cause GBH”


      past tense: did

      1.used before a verb (except be, can, may, ought, shall, will ) in questions and negative statements.
      “do you have any pets?”
      used to make tag questions.
      “you write poetry, don’t you?”
      used in negative commands.
      “don’t be silly”
      2.used to refer back to a verb already mentioned.
      “he looks better than he did before”
      3.used to give emphasis to a positive verb.
      “I do want to act on this”
      used in positive commands to give polite encouragement.
      “do tell me!”
      4.used with inversion of a subject and verb when an adverbial phrase begins a clause for emphasis.
      “only rarely did they succumb”

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