The Word is:”even”


adjective: even; comparative adjective: evener; superlative adjective: evenest

1.flat and smooth.
“prepare the site, then lay an even bed of mortar”
synonyms: flat, smooth, uniform, featureless, unbroken, undamaged, unwrinkled; More
antonyms: uneven, bumpy

  • in the same plane or line; level.
  • “run a file along the saw to make all of the teeth even with each other”
    2.equal in number, amount, or value.
    “an even gender balance among staff and students”

    synonyms: level, drawn, tied, all square, balanced, on a par, on an equal footing; More
    antonyms: unequal, uneven
    equally balanced.
    “the first half of the match was fairly even”
    synonyms: equal, the same, much the same, identical, like, alike, similar, to the same degree, comparable, commensurate, corresponding, parallel, on a par, on an equal footing, evenly matched; informaleven-steven(s)
    “all participants are given an even chance”
    antonyms: unequal
    having little variation in quality; regular.
    “they travelled at an even and leisurely pace”
    synonyms: uniform, constant, steady, stable, consistent, changeless, unvarying, unchanging, unwavering, unfluctuating, unaltering, regular
    “electric fan ovens have a more even temperature than gas”

    antonyms: variable, irregular

    verb: even; 3rd person present: evens; past tense: evened; past participle: evened; gerund or present participle: evening

    1.make or become even.
    “she cut the hair again to even up the ends”
    synonyms: flatten, make flat, make level, level, level off, level out, smooth, smooth out, smooth off, make flush, plane, make uniform, make regular More

    adverb: even

    1.used to emphasize something surprising or extreme.
    “they have never even heard of the United States”
    synonyms: surprisingly, unexpectedly, paradoxically, though it may seem strange, believe it or not, as it happens
    “even the best hitters missed the ball”
    used in comparisons for emphasis.
    “he knows even less about it than I do”
    synonyms: still, yet, more so, all the more, all the greater, to a greater extent
    “the weather became even colder”

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