The Word is:”find”


verb: find; 3rd person present: finds; past tense: found; past participle: found; gerund or present participle: finding or perceive by chance or unexpectedly.

“Lindsey looked up to find Niall watching her”
synonyms: discover, become aware, realize, observe, notice, note, perceive, learn, detect
“you’ll find that many lively towns are but a short drive away”
discover after a deliberate search.
“I can’t find my keys”
synonyms: locate, spot, pinpoint, unearth, obtain, detect, put one’s finger on; More
antonyms: lose
discover oneself to be in a particular situation.
“phobia sufferers often find themselves virtual prisoners in their own home”
succeed in obtaining (something).
“he’s still struggling to find the money for the trip”
synonyms: obtain, acquire, get, procure, come by, secure, gain, earn, achieve, attain, lay hold of, come to have, win; More
summon up (a quality, especially courage) with an effort.
“I found the courage to speak”
synonyms: summon (up), gather, muster (up), screw up, command, call up, rally
“I found the courage to speak”
(of hunters or hounds) discover game, especially a fox.
“Lady Montego heard the new halloo—they had found”

2.reach or arrive at by a natural or normal process.

“water finds its own level”
reach one’s destination, typically without first knowing how to get there.
“she’ll never find her way to the house on her own”
(of a letter) reach (someone).
reach the understanding or conscience of.
“the books of which I have been speaking found me and taught me”

noun: find; plural noun: finds

1.a discovery of something valuable, typically something of archaeological interest.
“he made his most spectacular finds in the Valley of the Kings”
synonyms: discovery, acquisition, asset; More
a person who is discovered to be useful or interesting in some way.
“Ted had turned out to be a real find”
the finding of a fox.

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