The Word is:”girl”




noun: girl; plural noun: girls
1.a female child.

“girls go through puberty earlier than boys”
synonyms: female child; More

  • a person’s daughter.
    “he was devoted to his little girl”
    synonyms: female child;
  • 2.a young or relatively young woman.

    “I haven’t got the time to meet girls”
    synonyms: young woman, young lady, miss; More

  • a young woman of a specified kind or having a specified job.
    “a career girl”
  • informal
    women who mix socially.
    “I look forward to having a night with the girls”
  • a person’s girlfriend.
    “his girl eloped with an accountant”
    synonyms: girlfriend, sweetheart, woman, partner, lover, significant other, fiancée; More
  • dated
    a female servant.
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