The Word is:”good”




adjective: good; comparative adjective: better; superlative adjective: best be desired or approved of.

“it’s good that he’s back to his old self”

  • pleasing and welcome.
    “we’ve had some good news”
  • showing approval.
    “the play had good reviews”
  • 2.having the required qualities; of a high standard.

    “a good restaurant”
    synonyms: fine, of high quality, of a high standard, quality, superior; More
    antonyms: bad

  • skilled at doing or dealing with a specified thing.
    “I’m good at crosswords”
    synonyms: capable, able, proficient, adept, adroit, accomplished, seasoned, skilful, skilled, gifted, talented, masterly, virtuoso, expert, knowledgeable, qualified, trained; More
  • healthy, strong, or well.
    “she’s not feeling too good”
    synonyms: healthy, fine, sound, tip-top, hale, hale and hearty, hearty, lusty, fit, robust, sturdy, strong, vigorous More
    antonyms: poor, ill, diseased
  • useful, advantageous, or beneficial in effect.
    “too much sun is not good for you”
    synonyms: wholesome, health-giving, healthful, healthy, nourishing, nutritious, nutritional, strengthening, beneficial, salubrious, salutary
    “milk is good for you”
    antonyms: bad
  • appropriate to a particular purpose.
    “this is a good month for planting seeds”
    synonyms: convenient, suitable, appropriate, fitting, fit, suited, agreeable; More
    antonyms: inconvenient
  • (of language) with correct grammar and pronunciation.
    “she speaks good English”
  • strictly adhering to or fulfilling all the principles of a particular religion or cause.
    “a good Catholic girl”
  • noun

    noun: good; plural noun: goods
    1.that which is morally right; righteousness.

    “a mysterious balance of good and evil”
    synonyms: virtue, righteousness, virtuousness, goodness, morality, ethicalness, uprightness, upstandingness, integrity, principle, dignity, rectitude, rightness; More
    antonyms: wickedness

    2.benefit or advantage to someone or something.

    “he convinces his father to use his genius for the good of mankind”
    synonyms: benefit, advantage, profit, gain, interest, welfare, well-being, enjoyment, satisfaction, comfort, ease, convenience; More
    antonyms: disadvantage

    3.merchandise or possessions.

    “imports of luxury goods”
    synonyms: merchandise, wares, stock, commodities, line, lot, produce, products, articles, solutions; More

    things to be transported, as distinct from passengers.
    “a means of transporting passengers as well as goods”
    synonyms: freight, cargo; More
  • informal
    the genuine article.
    plural noun: the goods
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