The Word is:”group”




noun: group; plural noun: groups

1.a number of people or things that are located, gathered, or classed together.

“a group of boys approached”
synonyms: category, class, classification, grouping, set, lot, batch, bracket, type, sort, kind, variety, family, species, genus, breed, style; More
a number of people that work together or share certain beliefs.
“I now belong to my local drama group”
synonyms: faction, division, section, clique, coterie, circle, set, ring, camp, bloc, caucus, cabal, junta, fringe movement, splinter group, minority group More
a commercial organization consisting of several companies under common ownership.
“the largest newspaper group in the UK”
synonyms: association, club, society, league, guild, circle, union, consortium, cooperative, partnership, syndicate; rareconsociation
“the women’s group meets in the early afternoon”
a number of musicians who play popular music together.
“I’ve always been a fan of the guitarists in the group”
a division of an air force, usually consisting of two or more stations.
two or more figures or objects forming a design.


a set of elements occupying a column in the periodic table and having broadly similar properties arising from their similar electronic structure.
a combination of atoms having a recognizable identity in a number of compounds.
“a methyl group”


a set of elements, together with an associative binary operation, which contains an inverse for each element and an identity element.


(in systemic grammar) a level of structure between clause and word, broadly corresponding to phrase in other grammars.


verb: group; 3rd person present: groups; past tense: grouped; past participle: grouped; gerund or present participle: grouping
1.put in a group or groups.

“three chairs were grouped around a table”
synonyms: assemble, collect, gather together, mass, amass, cluster, clump, bunch; More
put into categories; classify.
“molluscs are grouped into seven different classes”
synonyms: categorize, classify, class, sort, bracket, pigeonhole, grade, rate, rank; More
form a group or groups.
“growers began to group together to form cooperatives”
synonyms: unite, join up, join together, team up, join forces, pool resources, club together, get together, come together, gather; More
antonyms: split up

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