The Word is:”if”




conjunction: if
1.introducing a conditional clause:
synonyms: on condition that, provided (that), providing (that), presuming (that), supposing (that), assuming (that), on the assumption that, allowing (that), as long as, given that, with the provision/proviso that, with/on the understanding that, if and only if, contingent on, in the event that, allowing that
“if the weather is fine, we can walk to the village”
antonyms: unless
on the condition or supposition that; in the event that.
“if you have a complaint, write to the director”
(with past tense) introducing a hypothetical situation.
“if you had stayed, this would never have happened”
whenever; every time.
“if I go out she gets nasty”
synonyms: whenever, every time
“if I go out she gets nasty”
2.despite the possibility that; no matter whether.
“if it takes me seven years, I shall do it”
3.(often used in indirect questions) whether.
“he asked if we would like some coffee”
synonyms: whether, whether or not
“I wonder if he noticed”
4.expressing a polite request.
“if I could just use the phone, I’ll get a taxi”
5.expressing an opinion.
“that’s a jolly long walk, if you don’t mind my saying so”
6.expressing surprise or regret.
“well, if it isn’t Frank!”
7.with implied reservation:
and perhaps not.
“the new leaders have little if any control”
used to admit something as being possible but relatively insignificant.
“if there was any weakness, it was naivety”
despite being (used before an adjective or adverb to introduce a contrast).
“she was honest, if a little brutal”
synonyms: although, albeit, but, even though, even if, despite being, in spite of being, yet, whilst
“a useful, if unintended innovation”


noun: if; plural noun: ifs
1.a condition or supposition.
“there are so many ifs and buts in the policy”
synonyms: uncertainty, doubt, lack of certainty, hesitation, vagueness; More

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