The Word is:”just”


adjective: just; superlative adjective: justest
1.based on or behaving according to what is morally right and fair.
“a just and democratic society”
synonyms: fair, fair-minded, equitable, even-handed, impartial, unbiased, objective, neutral, disinterested, unprejudiced, open-minded, non-partisan, non-discriminatory, anti-discrimination; More
antonyms: unjust, unfair
(of treatment) deserved or appropriate in the circumstances.
“we all get our just deserts”
synonyms: deserved, well deserved, well earned, merited, earned; More
antonyms: undeserved
(of an opinion or appraisal) well founded; justifiable.
“these simplistic approaches have been the subject of just criticism”
synonyms: valid, sound, well founded, well grounded, justified, justifiable, warranted, warrantable, defensible, defendable, legitimate, reasonable, logical; rarevindicable
“just criticism”
antonyms: unfair, wrongful


adverb: just
“that’s just what I need”
synonyms: exactly, precisely, absolutely, completely, totally, entirely, perfectly, utterly, wholly, thoroughly, altogether, in every way, in every respect, in all respects, quite; More
exactly or almost exactly at this or that moment.
“she’s just coming”
2.very recently; in the immediate past.
“I’ve just seen the local paper”
synonyms: a moment ago, a second ago, a short time ago, very recently, not long ago, lately, only now
“I just saw him”
3.barely; by a little.
“inflation fell to just over 4 per cent”
synonyms: by a narrow margin, narrowly, only just, by inches, by a hair’s breadth, by the narrowest of margins; More
4.simply; only; no more than.
“just a bad day in the office”
synonyms: only, merely, simply, but, nothing but, no more than; More
really; absolutely (used for emphasis).
“they’re just great”
synonyms: really, absolutely, completely, entirely, totally, altogether, positively, quite, one hundred per cent; More
used as a polite formula for giving permission or making a request.
“just help yourselves”
possibly (used to indicate a slight chance of something happening or being true).
“it might just help”
5.expressing agreement.
“‘Simon really messed things up.’ ‘Didn’t he just?’”

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