The Word is:”last”




adjective: last
1.coming after all others in time or order; final.
“they caught the last bus”
synonyms: rearmost, rear, hindmost, bringing up the rear, nearest the rear, at the end, furthest back, at the back (of the queue), aftermost, endmost, furthest behind, final, ultimate, most remote, remotest, furthest, utmost, extreme More
antonyms: first, leading, early, initial
met with or encountered after any others.
“the last house in the village”
the lowest in importance or rank.
“finishing in last place”
the least likely or suitable.
“he’s the last person I’d turn to for help”
synonyms: least likely, most unlikely, most improbable, most reluctant; More
antonyms: first, most likely
2.most recent in time; latest.
“last year”
synonyms: previous, preceding; More
antonyms: next
immediately preceding in order; previous in a sequence or enumeration.
“their last album”
3.only remaining.
“it’s our last hope”
synonyms: final, only remaining, only one left
“this was his last chance to prove it”


adverb: last
1.on the last occasion before the present; previously.
“a woman last heard of in Cornwall”
2.after all others in order or sequence.
“the last-named film”
3.(especially in enumerating points) lastly.
“and last, I’d like to thank you all for coming”


noun: last
1.the last person or thing; the one occurring, mentioned, or acting after all others.
“the last of their guests had gone”
the only part of something that remains.
“they drank the last of the wine”
the last position or finisher in a race or competition.
“Lion Cavern came from last in a slowly run race”
the end or last moment, especially death.
noun: the last
“he was dead, having refused morphia to the last”
synonyms: end, ending, finish, close, conclusion, completion, finale, termination; bitter end
“the most important business was left to the last”
antonyms: beginning, opening
the last mention or sight of someone or something.
noun: the last
“that was the last we saw of her”

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