The Word is:”little”




1.small in size, amount, or degree (often used to convey an appealing diminutiveness or express an affectionate or condescending attitude).
“the plants will grow into little bushes”
synonyms: small, small-scale, compact; More

determiner & pronoun

1.a small amount of.
“we got a little help from a training scheme”
synonyms: some, a small amount of, a bit of, a touch of, a soupçon of, a dash of, a taste of, a dab of, a spot of, a modicum of, a morsel of, a fragment of, a snippet of, a tinge of, a particle of, a jot of, a shade of, a suggestion of, a trace of, a hint of, a suspicion of; More
2.used to emphasize how small an amount is.
“I have little doubt of their identity”
synonyms: hardly any, not much, slight, small, scant, limited, restricted, modest, little or no, minimal, negligible; More

adverb a small extent.
“he reminded me a little of my parents”
synonyms: slightly, faintly, remotely, vaguely; More
2.only to a small extent; not much or often (used for emphasis).
“he was little known in this country”

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