The Word is:”look”




verb: look; 3rd person present: looks; past tense: looked; past participle: looked; gerund or present participle: looking; adjective: -looking

1. direct one’s gaze in a specified direction.
“people were looking at him”
synonyms: glance, gaze, stare, gape, peer, fix one’s gaze, focus; peep, peek, take a look; watch,

examine, study, inspect, scan, scrutinize, survey, check, contemplate, consider;
see, observe, view, regard, pay attention to, take note of, mark, check out;
glimpse, spot, spy, lay one’s eyes on, catch sight of, eye, take in, ogle;
informal take a gander, give someone/something a/the once-over, have a squint, get a load of, rubberneck, recce;
informal take a dekko, take a butcher’s, take a shufti, clock, gawp;
informal eyeball;
archaicbehold, espy, descry
“Mrs. Wright looked at him”

antonyms: ignore

  • ignore (someone) by pretending not to see them.
    “he glanced up once but looked right through me”
    synonyms:snub, ignore, slight, spurn, shun, disdain, look past, turn one’s back on, give someone the cold shoulder, cold-shoulder, freeze out, steer clear of; send to Coventry;
    informalgive someone the brush-off, cut, cut dead, knock back, give someone the go-by;informal blank
    “the woman, once so friendly, now looked right through her”
    antonyms: acknowledge

  • dated
    express (something) by one’s gaze.
    “Poirot looked a question”
  • peruse (a book or other written material).
    “we looked through all the books and this was still the one we liked best”
  • walk round (a place or building) in order to view any interesting features.
    “he spent the day looking round Edinburgh”
  • ascertain with a quick glance.
    “people finishing work don’t look where they’re going”
  • 2. regard in a specified way.
    “I look at tennis differently from some coaches”
    synonyms: regard, consider, think of, deem, judge, count, see, view, take, reckon, believe to be
    “people he looked on as friends took advantage of him”

    examine (a matter) and consider what action to take.
    “a committee is looking at the financing of the BBC”

  • attempt to find.
    “Howard has been looking for you”
    synonyms: search for, hunt for, seek, look about/around/round for, cast about/around/round for, try to find, try to track down, forage for, scout out, quest for/after
    “she looked for her comb, but couldn’t find it”
  • 3. have the appearance or give the impression of being.
    “mum looked unhappy”

    synonyms: seem, seem to be, appear, appear to be, have the appearance/air of being, give the
    impression of being, give every appearance/indication of being, look to be, present as being, strike someone as being
    “both visitors looked shocked”

  • informal
    show a likelihood of.
    “Leeds didn’t look like scoring from any of their corners”

  • appear one’s normal, healthy self.
    “he just didn’t look himself at all”
  • 4. rely on (someone) to do or provide something.
    “she will look to you for help”

    synonyms: turn to, resort to, have recourse to, fall back on, avail oneself of, make use of

    “they got themselves into trouble and now look to the government for help”

  • archaic
    take care; make sure.
    “Look ye obey the masters of the craft”
  • noun

    noun: look; plural noun: looks

    1. an act of directing one’s gaze in order to see someone or something.
    “let me get a closer look”
    synonyms: glance, observation, view, examination, study, inspection, scan, survey, sight, peep,

    peek, glimpse, gaze, stare, gape, ogle; informaleyeful, gander, look-see, once-over, squint, recce;
    informalshufti, dekko, butcher’s; informalgeek, squiz; informalJack Nohi
    “have a look at this report”
  • an expression of a feeling or thought by looking.
    “the orderly gave me a funny look”
    synonyms: expression, mien
    “the puzzled look on her face turned to one of irritation”
  • a scrutiny or examination.
    “the government should take a look at the amount of grant the council receives”
  • 2. the appearance of someone or something, especially as expressing a particular quality.
    “the bedraggled look of the village”
    synonyms: appearance, air, aspect, bearing, cast, manner, mien, demeanour, features, semblance, guise, facade, impression, effect; More
    atmosphere, mood, quality, ambience, feeling, flavour
    “he had a shifty look about him”

  • a person’s facial appearance considered aesthetically.
    “he had charm, good looks, and an amusing insouciance”
  • a style or fashion.
    “Italian designers unveiled their latest look”
    synonyms: fashion, style, vogue, mode, trend, fad, craze, rage, mania
    “the latest look for this season is lean and elegant”
  • exclamation

    exclamation: look; exclamation: look here

    1. used to call attention to what one is going to say.
    “‘Look, this is ridiculous.’”

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