The Word is:”make”




verb: make; 3rd person present: makes; past tense: made; past participle: made; gerund or present participle: making

1. form (something) by putting parts together or combining substances; create.
“my grandmother made a dress for me”
synonyms: construct, build, assemble, put together, manufacture, produce, fabricate, create,

form, fashion, model, mould, shape, forge, bring into existence
“he makes model steam engines”

antonyms: destroy

  • alter something so that it forms (something else).
    “buffalo’s milk can be made into cheese”
  • compose or draw up (something written or abstract).
    “make a list of all the points you can think of”
    synonyms: formulate, frame, draw up, devise, make out, prepare, compile, compose, put

    together; draft, write, pen, produce

    “I’ve made a will and left you everything”

  • arrange bedclothes tidily on (a bed) ready for use.
    “after breakfast you’d have until 8.25 to make your bed”
  • arrange and light materials for (a fire).
  • Electronics
    complete or close (a circuit).
  • 2. cause (something) to exist or come about; bring about.
    “the drips had made a pool on the floor”

  • cause to become or seem.
    “decorative features make brickwork more interesting”
  • archaic
    enter into a contract of (marriage).
    “as many sailors do, he made a foolish marriage”
  • represent or cause to appear in a specified way.
    “the issue price makes them good value”
  • cause to be successful.
    “the work which made Wordsworth’s reputation”
  • 3. compel (someone) to do something.
    “she bought me a brandy and made me drink it”
    synonyms: force, compel, coerce, press, drive, pressure, pressurize, oblige, require; have

    someone do something, prevail on, dragoon, bludgeon, strong-arm, impel, constrain, urge, will, steamroller, browbeat, intimidate, use strong-arm tactics on, bully, hector, blackmail;
    informalrailroad, bulldoze, put the heat on, put the screws on, turn/tighten the screw/screws on
    “she made me drink it”

    4. constitute; amount to.
    “they made an unusual duo”

    synonyms: be, act as, serve as, function as, constitute, perform the function of, do duty for, play the part
    of, represent, embody, form

    “he’ll make a great leader”

  • consider to be; estimate as.
    “How many are there? I make it sixteen”
    synonyms: compute, calculate, work out; estimate, count up, determine, gauge, reckon, put a figure on, give a figure to, forecast, predict
    “what do you make the total?”
  • agree or decide on (a specified arrangement).
    “let’s make it 7.30”
    synonyms: reach, come to, settle on, determine on, conclude, establish, seal
    “we’ve got to make a decision”
  • 5. gain or earn (money or profit).
    “he’d made a lot of money out of hardware”

    synonyms: acquire, obtain, gain, get, realize, secure, win, earn; gross, fetch, bring in, take (in);
    take home, pocket, net, clear
    “he had a great talent for making money”

    antonyms: lose

  • Cricket
    score (a specified number of runs).
    “he made a century”
  • 6. North Americaninformal
    induce (someone) to have sexual intercourse with one.
    “he had been trying to make Cynthia for two years now”
    7.(in bridge, whist, etc.) win (a trick).

  • win a trick with (a card).
  • win the number of tricks that fulfils (a contract).
  • shuffle (cards) for dealing.
  • 8. Nautical
    (of the tide) begin to flow or ebb.


    noun: make; plural noun: makes

    1. the manufacturer or trade name of a product.
    “the make, model, and year of his car”
    synonyms: brand, marque, model, mark, sort, type, kind, variety, style, label
    “a different make of car”

  • the structure or composition of something.
  • 2. the making of electrical contact.

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