The Word is:”more”


determiner & pronoun
determiner: more; pronoun: more

1. a greater or additional amount or degree.
“some more people arrived”

synonyms: additional, further, added, extra, increased, fresh, new, other, supplementary,
supplemental, spare, alternative
“more water came pouring through the gap”

antonyms: less, fewer


adverb: more

1. forming the comparative of adjectives and adverbs, especially those of more than one syllable.
“for them enthusiasm is more important than talent”
2. to a greater extent.
“in his experience females liked chocolate more than males did”

synonyms: to a greater extent, further, longer, some more, better
“he was able to concentrate more on his writing”
  • extremely (used before an adjective conveying a positive feeling or attitude).
    “she is more than happy to oblige”
  • 3. again.
    “repeat once more”
    4. moreover.
    “he was rich, and more, he was handsome”

    synonyms: moreover, furthermore, besides, what’s more, in addition, also, as well, too, to boot, additionally, on top of that, over and above that, into the bargain; archaicwithal, forbye
    “he was rich, and more, he was handsome”

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