The Word is:”number”




noun: number; plural noun: numbers

1. an arithmetical value, expressed by a word, symbol, or figure, representing a particular quantity and used in counting and making calculations.
“think of a number from one to ten and multiply it by three”

synonyms: numeral, integer, figure, digit; character, symbol;
whole number, decimal number,
decimal, unit;
cardinal number, ordinal number;
Roman number, Arabic number;
  • a figure or group of figures used to identify someone or something.
    “she picked up the phone and dialled his home number”
  • dated arithmetic.
    “the boy was adept at numbers”
  • 2. a quantity or amount.
    “the company is seeking to increase the number of women on its staff”
    synonyms: amount, quantity; total, sum total, aggregate, tally;
    “they received a large number of complaints”

  • several.
    “we have discussed the matter on a number of occasions”
    synonyms: several, various, quite a few, sundry, diverse; literarydivers
    “there are a number of reasons why many crimes are not reported to the police”
  • a group or company of people.
    “there were some distinguished names among our number”
    synonyms: group, company, crowd, circle, party, body, band, crew, set;
    informal gang, tribe
    “the men were celebrating the wedding of one of their number”
  • a large quantity or amount, often in contrast to a smaller one; numerical preponderance.
    “the weight of numbers turned the battle against them”
  • 3. British

    a single issue of a magazine.
    “the October number of ‘Travel’”
    synonyms: edition, issue, copy;
    printing, imprint, impression, publication
    “a copy of the current number of the Society’s quarterly magazine”
  • a song, dance, piece of music, etc., especially one of several in a performance.
    “they go from one melodious number to another”
    synonyms: song, piece of music, musical item, piece, tune, track;
    turn, item, routine, sketch, dance, act
    “in the background she could hear the band performing another number”
  • informal
    an item of clothing of a particular type, regarded with approval or admiration.
    “Yvonne was wearing a little black number”
  • 4. a grammatical classification of words that consists typically of singular and plural, and, in Greek and certain other languages, dual.
    “the form of English pronouns reflects their number and gender”


    verb: number; 3rd person present: numbers; past tense: numbered; past participle: numbered; gerund or present participle: numbering

    1. amount to (a specified figure or quantity); comprise.
    “the demonstrators numbered more than 5,000”
    synonyms: add up to, amount to, total, come to

    “visitors to the cathedral numbered more than 2.25 million last year”

    2. mark with a number or assign a number to, typically to indicate position in a series.
    “each document was numbered consecutively”
    synonyms: assign a number to, categorize by number, specify by number, mark with a number;

    itemize, enumerate
    “each paragraph is numbered consecutively”
  • count.
    “strategies like ours can be numbered on the fingers of one hand”

    synonyms: count, add up, total, calculate, compute, enumerate, reckon, tell, tally; assess; tot up

    “the number of published texts on the subject may be numbered on the fingers of both hands”

  • 3. include or classify as a member of a group.
    “the orchestra numbers Brahms among its past conductors”

    synonyms: include, count; reckon, deem, look on

    “he numbers the editor of Vogue among his close friends”

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