The Word is:”on”




preposition: on

1. physically in contact with and supported by (a surface).
“on the table was a water jug”

  • located somewhere in the general surface area of (a place).
    “an internment camp on the island”
  • as a result of accidental physical contact with.
    “he banged his head on a beam”
  • supported by (a part of the body).
    “he was lying on his back”
    synonyms: supported by, resting on, in contact with
    “there was a book on the table”
    antonyms: underneath, on the underside of
  • on to.
    “put it on the table”
    synonyms: on to
    “she put the book on the table”
    antonyms: off
  • in the possession of; being carried by.
    “she only had a few pounds on her”
  • 2. forming a distinctive or marked part of the surface of.
    “a scratch on her arm”
    3. having (the thing mentioned) as a topic; about.
    “a book on careers”

  • having (the thing mentioned) as a basis.
    “a constitution modelled on America’s”
  • 4. as a member of (a committee, jury, or other body).
    “they would be allowed to serve on committees”
    5. having (the thing mentioned) as a target, aim, or focus.
    “five air raids on Schweinfurt”
    6.(often followed by a noun without a determiner) having (the thing mentioned) as a medium for transmitting or storing information.
    “put your ideas down on paper”

  • being broadcast by (a radio or television channel).
    “a new twelve-part TV series on Channel 4”
  • 7. in the course of (a journey).
    “he was on his way to see his mother”

  • while travelling in (a public vehicle).
    “John got some sleep on the plane”
  • on to (a public vehicle) with the intention of travelling in it.
    “we got on the train”
  • 8. indicating the day or part of a day during which an event takes place.
    “reported on September 26”

  • at the time of.
    “she was booed on arriving home”
  • 9. engaged in.
    “his attendant was out on errands”
    10. regularly taking (a drug or medicine).
    “he is on morphine to relieve the pain”
    11. paid for by.
    “the drinks are on me”
    12. added to.
    “a few pence on the electricity bill is nothing compared with your security”


    adverb: on

    1. physically in contact with and supported by a surface.
    “make sure the lid is on”

    (of clothing) being worn by a person.

    “sitting with her coat on”
    2. indicating continuation of a movement or action.
    “she burbled on”

    synonyms: interminably, at length, for a long time, continuously, endlessly, ceaselessly, without a pause/break
    “she droned on”
    further forward; in an advanced state.
    “I’ll see you later on”

    3. (of an event) taking place or being presented.
    “what’s on at the May Festival”

    due to take place as planned.

    “the match is still on”
    4. (of an electrical appliance or power supply) functioning.
    “they always left the lights on”

    synonyms: functioning, in operation, working, in use, operating

    “the light was still on”
    antonyms: off
    5. (of an actor) on stage.

  • (of an employee) working; on duty.
  • noun

    noun: on; noun: on side; plural noun: on sides

    1. Cricket
    the leg side.

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