The Word is:”only”




adverb: only

1. and no one or nothing more besides; solely.
“there are only a limited number of tickets available”

synonyms: at most, at best, (only) just, no/not more than, as little as; no longer ago than, not
barely, scarcely, hardly, narrowly, by a hair’s breadth, by the skin of one’s teeth
“there was only enough for two”

  • exclusively, solely, entirely, uniquely, wholly, to the exclusion of everything else
    “he only works on one picture at a time”
  • no more than (implying that more was expected); merely.
    “deaths from heart disease have only declined by 10 per cent”
  • 2. no longer ago than.
    “genes that were discovered only last year”

  • not until.
    “a final report reached him only on January 15”
  • 3. with the negative or unfortunate result that.
    “she turned into the car park, only to find her way blocked”

    in an inevitable but undesirable way.
    “rebellion will only bring more unhappiness”


    adjective: only

    1. alone of its or their kind; single or solitary.
    “the only medal we had ever won”

    synonyms: sole, single, one (and only), solitary, lone, unique, only possible, individual, exclusive

    “he is their only son”

    alone deserving consideration.

    “it’s simply the only place to be seen these days”

    conjunction informal
    conjunction: only

    1. except that; but.
    “he is still a young man, only he seems older because of his careworn expression”

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