The Word is:”or”




conjunction: or

1. used to link alternatives.
“a cup of tea or coffee”
2. introducing a synonym or explanation of a preceding word or phrase.
“yoga is a series of postures, or asanas”
3. otherwise (used to introduce the consequences of something not being done or not being the case).
“hurry up, or you’ll miss it all”
4. introducing an afterthought, usually in the form of a question.
“John’s indifference—or was it?—left her unsettled”
5. archaic


“to love is the one way to know or God or man”


noun: OR; noun: or; plural noun: ors

1. a logical operation which gives the value one if at least one operand has the value one, and otherwise gives a value of zero.

  • Electronics
    denoting a gate circuit which produces an output if there is a signal on any of its inputs.
    modifier noun: OR; noun: OR gate; plural noun: OR gates
  • Source credit: Google