The Word is:”out”




adverb: out

1. moving or appearing to move away from a particular place, especially one that is enclosed or hidden.
“he walked out into the street”

  • situated or operating in the open air, away from buildings.
    “the search-and-rescue team have been out looking for you”
  • no longer detained in prison.
    “they would be out on bail in no time”
  • 2. situated far or at a particular distance from somewhere.
    “an old farmhouse right out in the middle of nowhere”

  • to sea, away from the land.
    “the Persian fleet put out from Cyprus”
  • (of the tide) falling or at its lowest level.
    “the tide was going out”
  • indicating a specified distance away from the goal line or finishing line.
    “he scored from 70 metres out”
  • 3. away from home.
    “he’s gone out”

    in or to a public place for purposes of pleasure or entertainment.
    “an evening out at a restaurant”

    4. so as to be revealed or known.
    “find out what you can”

  • aloud; so as to be heard.
    “Miss Beard cried out in horror”
  • 5. at or to an end.
    “the romance fizzled out”

  • so as to be finished or complete.
    “I’ll leave them to fight it out”
  • in various other completive uses.
    “the crowd had thinned out”
  • 6. (of a light or fire) so as to be extinguished or no longer burning.
    “at ten o’clock the lights went out”

  • (of a stain or mark) no longer visible; removed.
    “try and get the stain out”
  • 7. no longer involved in a situation, competition, or activity.
    “Oxford United are out of the FA Cup”
    8. (of a jury) considering its verdict in secrecy.


    preposition: out

    1. non-standard contraction of out of.
    “he ran out the door”


    adjective: out

    1. not at home or at one’s place of work.
    “if he called, she’d pretend to be out”
    synonyms: not here, not at home, not in, gone away, away, elsewhere, absent, away from one’s desk

    “I’m afraid she’s out at the moment”

    antonyms: in

    2. revealed or made public.
    “the secret was soon out”

    synonyms: revealed, in the open, out in the open, common knowledge, public knowledge, known,
    disclosed, divulged, exposed
    “the secret was soon out”

    antonyms: unknown, secret

  • published.
    “the book should be out before the end of the month”
    synonyms: available, obtainable, in the shops, published, in print, issued
    “the book should be out by the end of the month”
  • informal
    in existence or use.
    “it works as well as any system that’s out”
  • dated
    (of a young upper-class woman) introduced into society.
    “where is the use of having a lot of dresses when she isn’t out yet?”
  • open about one’s homosexuality.
    “I had been out since I was 17”
  • longer alight; extinguished.
    “the fire was nearly out”

    synonyms: not burning, extinguished, no longer alight, quenched, doused, dead, defunct

    “the fire was nearly out”

    4. not possible or worth considering.
    “a trip to the seaside is out for a start”
    5. in a state of unconsciousness.

  • Boxing
    unable to rise from the floor.
  • 7. mistaken; in error.
    “he was slightly out in his calculations”

    synonyms: mistaken, inaccurate, incorrect, wide of the mark, wrong, in error, off
    “he was slightly out in his calculations”

    antonyms: spot on, accurate
    8.(of the ball in tennis and similar games) outside the designated playing area.
    9.Cricket Baseball

    no longer batting or at bat; having had one’s innings or at bat ended by the fielding side.

    “England were all out for 159”
    10.(of a flower) in bloom; open.

    synonyms: in flower, flowering, in bloom, in full bloom, blooming, in blossom, blossoming, open
    “the roses are out”

    antonyms: in bud


    noun: out; plural noun: outs; plural noun: the outs

    1. informal
    a way of escaping from a problem or dilemma.
    “he was desperately looking for an out”
    2. Baseball
    an act of putting a player out.
    3. the political party not in office.


    verb: out; 3rd person present: outs; past tense: outed; past participle: outed; gerund or present participle: outing

    1. knock (someone) out.
    2. informal

    reveal the homosexuality of (a prominent person).
    synonyms: expose, unmask, uncover

    “it was not our intention to out him”
    3. West Indian


    “out the lamp when you’re ready”
    4. dated

    expel, reject, or dismiss.

    “they had outed Asquith quite easily”

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