The Word is:”people”




plural noun: people; noun: people; plural noun: peoples; noun: one’s people; plural noun: one’s peoples

1. human beings in general or considered collectively.
“the earthquake killed 30,000 people”
synonyms: human beings, persons, individuals, humans, mankind, humankind, the human race,

Homo sapiens, humanity, the human species, mortals, (living) souls, personages, men, women, and children; informalfolk, peeps
“crowds of people”
  • the citizens of a country, especially when considered in relation to those who govern them.
    noun: the people
    “his reforms no longer have the support of the people”
    synonyms: citizens, subjects, electors, voters, taxpayers, residents, inhabitants, (general)

    public, citizenry, nation, population, populace, community, society
    “the British people have not been told the truth”
  • the members of a society without special rank or position.
    noun: the people
    “she is a favorite of the people”
    synonyms: the proletariat, the common people, the masses, the populace, the multitude,

    the rank and file, the commonality, the commonalty, the third estate, the plebeians, the crowd; derogatorythe hoi polloi, the common herd, the rabble, the mob, the riff-raff, the canaille, the great unwashed, the ragtag (and bobtail), the proles, the plebs
    “a man of the people”
  • US
    the state prosecution in a trial.
    plural noun: People; noun: the People
    “pre-trial statements made by the People’s witnesses”
  • 2. the members of a particular nation, community, or ethnic group.
    “the native peoples of Canada”

    synonyms: race, tribe, clan, ethnic group, strain, stock, caste, nation, country, population,
    populace; archaicbreed, folk, seed
    “the peoples of Africa”

    3. one’s supporters or employees.
    “I’ve had my people watching the house for some time now”

    one’s parents or relatives.

    “my people live in Warwickshire”

    synonyms: family, parents, relatives, relations, folk, kinsmen, kin, kith and kin, next of kin, one’s
    (own) flesh and blood, blood relatives/relations, nearest and dearest; informalfolks, rents;
    formal kinsfolk, kinfolk
    “her people don’t live far away”


    verb: people; 3rd person present: peoples; past tense: peopled; past participle: peopled; gerund or present participle: peopling

    1. (of a group of people) inhabit (a place).
    “an arid mountain region peopled by warring clans”

    synonyms: populate, settle (in), colonize, establish oneself in, inhabit, live in, occupy; formal be,
    reside in, domiciled in, dwell in
    “the Indians who once peopled Newfoundland”
  • fill or be present in (a place or domain).
    “in her imagination the flat was suddenly peopled with ghosts”
  • fill (a place) with inhabitants.
    “it was his intention to people the town with English colonists”