The Word is:”phone”




noun: phone; plural noun: phones

1. a telephone.
“a few seconds later the phone rang”

synonyms: telephone, mobile phone, mobile, cell phone, car phone, radio-telephone, cordless
phone, videophone, extension; speakerphone;
informal blower;
rhyming slangdog and bone
“she spent hours on the phone”

2. informal
headphones or earphones.


verb: phone; 3rd person present: phones; past tense: phoned; past participle: phoned; gerund or present participle: phoning

1. contact someone by telephone.
“he phoned her at work”

synonyms: telephone, call, call up, give someone a call/ring, ring, ring up, get someone on the
phone, get on the phone to, get, reach, dial, make/place a call (to); informalbuzz, give someone a buzz;
informal bell, give someone a bell/tinkle, get on the blower to;
informal get someone on the horn
“maybe I should phone the police”
  • informal
    work or perform without much effort, interest, or enthusiasm.
    “I think of my playing as committed—I can’t remember ever phoning it in at any performance”