The Word is:”point”




noun: point; plural noun: points

1. the tapered, sharp end of a tool, weapon, or other object.
“the point of his dagger”

synonyms: tip, sharp end, tapered end, end, extremity; prong, spike, tine, nib, barb

“the point of a knitting needle”

  • Archaeology
    a pointed flake or blade, especially one that has been worked.
  • Ballet
    another term for pointe.
  • Boxing
    the tip of a person’s chin as a spot for a blow.
    “Andrews caught him on the point”
  • the prong of a deer’s antler.
    “a fine buck of eight points”
  • 2.a dot or other punctuation mark, in particular a full stop.

  • a decimal point.
    “fifty-five point nine”
  • a dot or small stroke used in Semitic languages to indicate vowels or distinguish particular consonants.
  • a very small dot or mark.
    “the sky was studded with points of light”
    synonyms: pinpoint, dot, spot, speck, fleck, mark
    “the dark surface of the ocean was studded with points of light”
  • 3. a particular spot, place, or position in an area or on a map, object, or surface.
    “turn left at the point where you see a sign to Appleford”

    synonyms:place, position, location, site, spot, area, locality, locale; technicallocus
    “a prearranged meeting point”
  • a stage or level at which a change of state occurs.
    “local kennels are full to bursting point”
    synonyms: level, degree, stage, pitch, extent, height
    “tension between them had reached such a point that they barely spoke”
  • British
    a socket in a wall for connecting a device to an electrical supply or communications network.
    “a power point”

  • (in geometry) something having position but not spatial extent, magnitude, dimension, or direction, for example the intersection of two lines.
  • 4. a single item or detail in an extended discussion, list, or text.
    “the main points of the Edinburgh agreement”

    synonyms: detail, item, particular, fact, thing, piece of information, idea, argument, consideration,
    factor, element, aspect, regard, respect; subject, issue, topic, question, matter;
    informal deets
    “you have ignored a number of important points”
  • relevance or effectiveness.
  • a distinctive feature or characteristic, typically a good one, of a person or thing.
    “he has his good points”
    synonyms: attribute, characteristic, feature, trait, quality, property, aspect, facet, side; streak,
  • peculiarity, idiosyncrasy
    “she had to admit he had his good points”

    5. (in sports and games) a mark or unit of scoring awarded for success or performance.
    “he kicked a penalty goal to put Bangor eight points ahead”

  • a unit used in measuring value, achievement, or extent.
    “the shares index was down seven points”
  • an advantage or success in an argument or discussion.
  • “she smiled, assuming she had won her point”

  • a unit of credit towards an award or benefit.
    “points were allocated according to the inadequacy of the existing accommodation”
  • a percentage of the profits from a film or recording offered to certain people involved in its production.
  • (in piquet) the longest suit in a player’s hand, containing a specified number of up to eight cards.
  • a unit of weight (2 mg) for diamonds.
  • a unit of varying value, used in quoting the price of stocks, bonds, or futures.
  • Bridge
    a value assigned to certain cards (4 points for an ace, 3 for a king, 2 for a queen, and 1 for a jack, sometimes with extra points for long or short suits) by a player in assessing the strength of their hand.
    “in Acol it is permissible to open with only twelve points”
  • 6. each of thirty-two directions marked at equal distances round a compass.

  • a direction towards the horizon corresponding to the direction marked on a compass.
  • the angular interval between two successive points of a compass, i.e. one eighth of a right angle (11° 15ʹ).
  • unspecified places considered in terms of their direction from a specified place.
    “they headed down Highway 401 to Ontario and points west”
  • 7. a narrow piece of land jutting out into the sea.
    “the boat came round the point”
    synonyms: promontory, headland, head, foreland, cape, peninsula, bluff, ness, horn, bill
    “the ship rounded the point”

    8. British

    a junction of two railway lines, with a pair of linked tapering rails that can be moved laterally to allow a train to pass from one line to the other.
    “the train gave a lurch as it passed over the points”

    9. Printing

    a unit of measurement for type sizes and spacing (in the UK and US 0.351 mm, in Europe 0.376 mm).

    10. Cricket

    a fielding position on the off side near the batsman.

  • a fielder at the point position.
  • Ice Hockey
  • either of two areas to the left and right of the net, just inside the blue line where it meets the boards.

  • Basketball
    a position at the front of the court, usually manned by the guard who sets up the team’s defence.
  • 11. (in a motor vehicle) each of a set of electrical contacts in the distributor.

    12. a small leading party of an advanced guard of troops.

  • North American
    the position at the head of a column or wedge of troops.
    “he walked point and I took the tail”
  • North American
    short for point man.
  • 13. the extremities of an animal, typically a horse or cat, such as the face, paws, and tail of a Siamese cat.
    “a pure white dog with black points”

    14. Hunting

    a spot to which a straight run is made.
    a straight run.
    “our fox made his point to Moorhill”

    15. historical a tagged piece of ribbon or cord used for lacing a garment or attaching a hose to a doublet.
    16. a short piece of cord at the lower edge of a sail for tying up a reef.
    17. the action or position of a dog in pointing.
    “a bird dog on point”
    18. Music an important phrase or subject, especially in a contrapuntal composition.

    verb: point; 3rd person present: points; past tense: pointed; past participle: pointed; gerund or present participle: pointing

    1. direct someone’s attention towards something by extending one’s finger or something held in one’s hand.
    “the lads were nudging each other and pointing at me”

  • indicate a particular time, direction, or reading.
    “a sign pointing left”
  • direct or aim (something) at someone or something.
    “he pointed the torch beam at the floor”
    synonyms: aim, direct, level, train; draw/get a bead on
    “she drew a revolver and pointed it at him”
  • face or be turned in a particular direction.
    “two of its toes point forward and two point back”
  • 2.Ballet

    extend (the toes) by tensing the foot and ankle so as to form a point.
    “reach up with your arms and point your toes”

    3. fill the joints of (brickwork or masonry) with smoothly finished mortar.
    “the bricks have been poorly pointed”
    5. give a sharp, tapered point to.
    “he twisted and pointed his moustache”
    6. insert points in (written text of Semitic languages).

    mark (Psalms) with signs for chanting.

    7. (of a dog) indicate the presence of (game) by standing rigid while looking towards it.