The Word is:”problem”


noun: problem; plural noun: problems

1. a matter or situation regarded as unwelcome or harmful and needing to be dealt with and overcome.
“they have financial problems”

synonyms: difficulty, issue, trouble, worry, complication, difficult situation, mess, muddle, mix-up;
snag, hitch, drawback, stumbling block, obstacle, hurdle, hiccup, setback, catch;
catch-22, vexed question, quandary, the rub;
predicament, plight, can of worms, hornets’ nest, Gordian knot;
misfortune, mishap, misadventure;
informal dilemma, headache, prob, hassle, pickle, fix, tight spot, fly in the ointment, how-do-you-do, job, gremlin, facer;
informal katzenjammer;
“he’s been under increasing stress due to business and personal problems”

  • nuisance, source of difficulty, bother, pest, source of trouble, irritant, thorn in one’s side/flesh, vexation;
    informaldrag, pain, pain in the neck;
    informalfair cow;
    vulgar slangpain in the arse
    “‘I don’t want to be a problem,’ Lucy said”
  • a thing that is difficult to achieve.
    “motivation of staff can also be a problem”
    denoting or relating to people whose behaviour causes difficulties to themselves and others.
    “practitioners help families develop strategies for managing problem behaviour in teens”
  • 2. Physics Mathematics
    an inquiry starting from given conditions to investigate or demonstrate a fact, result, or law.

  • Geometry
    a proposition in which something has to be constructed.
  • (in chess) an arrangement of pieces in which the solver has to achieve a specified result.