The Word is:”public”


adjective: public

1. of or concerning the people as a whole.
“public concern”
synonyms: popular, general, common, communal, collective, shared, joint, universal, widespread
“there is a great public demand for information on food”

  • open to or shared by all the people of an area or country.
    “a public library”
    synonyms: open (to the public), communal, not private, not exclusive, accessible to all, available, free, unrestricted, community
    “plans are afoot to ban smoking in public places”
    antonyms: private, restricted
  • 2. done, perceived, or existing in open view.
    “he wanted a public apology in the Wall Street Journal”

    synonyms:known, widely known, overt, plain, obvious, in circulation, published, publicized,
    “he never made his views public”
    antonyms: secret

    3. of or provided by the state rather than an independent, commercial company.
    “public spending”

    synonyms: state, national, federal, government;
    constitutional, democratic, civic, civil, official,
    social, municipal, community, local;
    communal, nationalized, state-owned;
    urban, metropolitan
    “the public sector of the economy”

    antonyms: private
    4. British
    of, for, or acting for a university.
    “public examination results”

    noun: public; noun: the public
    1. ordinary people in general; the community.
    “the library is open to the public”

    synonyms: people, citizens, subjects, general public, electors, electorate, voters, taxpayers, ratepayers,
    residents, inhabitants, citizenry, population, populace, community, society, country, nation, world; everyone
    “the opinion polls do not reflect the true opinions of the British public”
  • a section of the community having a particular interest or connection.
    plural noun: publics
    “the reading public”
  • informal
    the people who watch or are interested in an artist, writer, or performer.
    noun: one’s public; plural noun: one’s publics
    “some famous last words to give my public”
    synonyms: audience, spectators, concertgoers, theatregoers, followers, following, fans,
  • devotees, aficionados, admirers; patrons, clientele, market, consumers, buyers, customers, readers;
    informalbuffs, freaks
    “he was adored by his public and his pupils”

    2. British
    short for public bar or public house.