Questions and Expressions with Time


Here are some examples of questions and expressions with time.

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Question Answer Words/phrases
When do you . . . I usually/always . . . In the evening
at 9:00
on Mondays
before dinner
after I eat lunch
when I get home
When did you . . . I (past tense) last night
before class
while I was eating
When will you . . . I will . . . tomorrow
When are you going to I am going to next Tuesday
When do you plan to . . . I plan to in a few days
What time do you . . . (same as above) at 7:30
(past) around 4:00

Extended Time

Question Answer Words/phrases
How long do you . . . I (usually) from 9:00 to 11:00
did you I (past) for three hours
will you I (future) ten minutes
How long does it take you to . . . It takes (me) six days


Ongoing Action

How long have you . . . I have . . . for five days
for two hours
since yesterday



How often do you . . . I (present tense) often
once in a while

Textbook : New Interchange 1, Chapter 7

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