Roll Play (conversation game)

800 Topics for Conversation!



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Glen Alan Penrod

Dymon Publications



There is a spider in your spaghetti! Ask the waitress for another plate . . . tell about a shocking story from television . . .what would you do if you were in the shower and realized there was no towel? Tell how to get to work in half the normal time . . . Unlike any other conversation game, this one will have you “rolling” in talk-a-tivity! Designed to give students maximum speaking time, the 800 different topics are uniquely color-coded on cards. To play the game, students simply roll the dice and select a card based on the number rolled. The speaking tasks require a variety of conversational skills, from giving instructions and expressing opinions to telling stories, reacting to situations, completing sentences, and role playing. Includes cards, dice, scoring sheets, instructions, and a durable storage box.