The Word is:”say”


verb: say; 3rd person present: says; past tense: said; past participle: said; gerund or present participle: saying

1. utter words so as to convey information, an opinion, a feeling or intention, or an instruction.
“‘Thank you,’ he said”

synonyms: speak, utter, voice, pronounce, give utterance to, give voice to, vocalize
“she felt her stomach flutter as he said her name”
  • declare, state, announce;
    remark, observe, mention, comment, note, add;
    reply, respond, answer, rejoin;
    whisper, mutter, mumble, mouth;
    informal come out with
    “‘I must go,’ she said”
  • claim, maintain, assert, hold, insist, contend, aver, affirm, avow;
    allege, profess;
    formal opine;
    “Newall says he’s innocent”
  • express, put into words, phrase, articulate, communicate, make known, get across, put across, convey, verbalize, render, tell;
    reveal, divulge, impart, disclose;
    imply, suggest, signify, denote, mean
    “I can’t conjure up the words to say how I feel”
  • adduce, propose, advance, bring forward, offer, plead
    “she determined to find something to say in his favour”
  • (of a text or a symbolic representation) convey specified information or instructions.
    “the Act says such behaviour is an offence”
  • enable a listener or reader to learn or understand something by conveying or revealing (information or ideas).
    “I don’t want to say too much”
  • (of a clock or watch) indicate (a specified time).
    “the clock says ten past two”
    synonyms: indicate, show, read
  • “the lighted dial of her watch said one twenty”
  • be asserted or reported.
    “they were said to be training freedom fighters”
  • synonyms: be reported, be thought, be believed, be alleged, be rumoured, be reputed, be put
    about; be described, be asserted;
    apparently, seemingly, it seems that, it appears that, (so) they say, (so) the story goes, by all accounts, rumour has it, the rumour is
    “it is said that she lived to be over a hundred”
  • present a consideration in favour of or excusing (someone or something).
    “all I can say for him is that he’s a better writer than some”
  • utter the whole of (a speech or other set of words, typically one learned in advance).
    “the padre finished saying the Nunc Dimittis”
    synonyms: recite, repeat, utter, deliver, perform, declaim, orate
    “they sang hymns and said a prayer”
  • 2. assume something in order to work out what its consequences would be; make a hypothesis.
    “let’s say we pay in five thousand pounds in the first year”
    synonyms: suppose, assume, imagine, presume, take as a hypothesis, hypothesize, postulate,

    “let’s say you’d just won a million pounds”

  • used parenthetically to indicate that something is being suggested as possible or likely but not certain.
    “the form might include, say, a dozen questions”
  • exclamation North American informal
    exclamation: say

    1. used to express surprise or to draw attention to a remark or question.
    “say, did you notice any blood?”
    noun: say

    1. an opportunity for stating one’s opinion or feelings.
    “she let him have his say”

    synonyms: right/chance/turn to speak, right/chance/turn to express one’s opinion, vote, opinion,
    view, voice; More
    informal one’s twopence worth, one’s twopenn’orth
    “Miss Honey was determined to have her say”
  • an opportunity to influence developments and policy.
    “the assessor will have a say in how the money is spent”
    synonyms: influence, sway, weight, authority, voice, input, share, part; informal clout
  • “don’t I have any say in the matter?”

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