The Word is:”see”


verb: see; 3rd person present: sees; past tense: saw; gerund or present participle: seeing; past participle: seen

1. perceive with the eyes; discern visually.
“in the distance she could see the blue sea”

synonyms: discern, perceive, glimpse, catch/get a glimpse of, spot, notice, catch sight of, sight;
make out, pick out, spy, distinguish, identify, recognize, detect, note, mark;
informalclap/lay/set eyes on, clock;
literarybehold, descry, espy
“I can see the house”
  • be or become aware of something from observation or from a written or other visual source.
    “I see from your appraisal report that you have asked for training”
  • be a spectator of (a film, game, or other entertainment); watch.
    “I went to see King Lear at the Old Vic”
  • synonyms: watch, look at, view, observe, catch
    “they saw a television programme on Hong Kong”

  • refer to (a specified source) for further information (used as a direction in a text).
    “elements are usually classified as metals or non-metals (see chapter 11)”
  • 2. discern or deduce after reflection or from information; understand.
    “I can’t see any other way to treat it”

    synonyms: understand, grasp, comprehend, follow, take in, realize, appreciate, recognize, work
    out, get the drift of, make out, conceive, perceive, fathom (out), become cognizant of; informal get, latch on to, cotton on to, catch on to, tumble to, figure out, get the hang of, get a fix on, get one’s head round/around, get the message, get the picture; informal twig, suss; informal savvy; rare cognize
    “I can’t see how this helps us”
  • ascertain after inquiring, considering, or discovering an outcome.
    “I’ll go along to the club and see if I can get a game”
    synonyms: find out, discover, learn, ascertain, get to know, determine, establish; ask, enquire, make enquiries
  • as to, investigate;informalsuss out
    “I must go and see what Victor is up to”
  • regard in a specified way.
    “he saw himself as a good teacher”
  • find good or attractive qualities in (someone).
    “I don’t know what I see in you”
  • view or predict as a possibility; envisage.
    “I can’t see him earning any more anywhere else”
  • synonyms: foresee, predict, forecast, prophesy, prognosticate, anticipate, envisage, envision,
    picture, visualize; archaicaugur, previse, presage, foreshow
    “I see trouble ahead”
  • used to ascertain or express comprehension, agreement, or continued attention, or to emphasize that an earlier prediction was correct.
    “it has to be the answer, don’t you see?”
  • 3. experience or witness (an event or situation).
    “I shall not live to see it”

  • be the time or setting of (something).
    “the 1970s saw the beginning of a technological revolution”
  • 4. meet (someone one knows) socially or by chance.
    “I saw Colin last night”

    synonyms: meet (by chance), encounter, run into, run across, stumble on/across, happen on,
    chance on, come across; informal bump into;
    archaicrun against
    “about a year later, I saw a friend in town”
  • meet (by arrangement), meet up with, get together with, have a meeting, have meetings, meet socially, make a date with
    “they see each other from time to time”
  • visit (a person or place).
    “I went to see Caroline”
  • meet regularly as a boyfriend or girlfriend.
    “some guy she was seeing was messing her around”
    synonyms: go out with, be dating, take out, be someone’s boyfriend/girlfriend, keep company
  • with, go with, be with, court, have a fling with, have an affair with, dally with; informalgo steady with;informal walk out with; informal step out with
    “he’s seeing someone else now”

    5. escort or conduct (someone) to a specified place.
    “don’t bother seeing me out”
    synonyms: escort, accompany, show, walk, conduct, lead, take, usher, guide, shepherd, attend
    “he saw her to her car”
    “Lucy saw to it that everyone got enough to eat”
    7. (in poker or brag) equal the bet of (an opponent) and require them to reveal their cards in order to determine who has won the hand.

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