The Word is:”she”


pronoun: she

1. used to refer to a woman, girl, or female animal previously mentioned or easily identified.
“my sister told me that she was not happy”
used to refer to a ship, vehicle, country, or other inanimate thing regarded as female.

  • used to refer to a person or animal of unspecified sex.
    “only include your child if you know she won’t distract you”
  • any female person.
    “she who rocks the cradle rules the world”
  • West Indian
    her or hers.
    “give she lavender oil”
  • Australian/NZ

  • it (used to refer to something not usually regarded as female).
    “reckon some decent weather and she’ll be right”
  • noun
    noun: she; plural noun: shes

    1. a female; a woman.
    “is that a he or a she?”

  • female.
    prefix: she-
  • Source credit: Google