The Word is:”small”


adjective: small; comparative adjective: smaller; superlative adjective: smallest

1. of a size that is less than normal or usual.
“the room was small and quiet”

synonyms: little, small-scale, compact, bijou; portable;
tiny, miniature, mini, minute, microscopic,
nanoscopic, minuscule;
toy, baby; poky, cramped, boxy; wee;
informal tiddly, teeny, weeny, teeny-weeny, teensy, teensy-weensy, itsy-bitsy, itty-bitty, eensy, eensy-weensy, pocket-sized, half-pint, dinky, ickle, with no room to swing a cat;
informal titchy;
informal little-bitty, vest-pocket
“a small flat in Fulham”

  • short, little, slight, slightly built, small-boned, petite, diminutive, elfin, tiny;
    puny, undersized, stunted;
    squat, stubby;
    dwarf, bantam;
    a slip of a …;
    informal teeny, teeny-weeny, pint-sized;
    rarehomuncular, Lilliputian
    “he was a very small man”
  • inadequate, meagre, insufficient, ungenerous, not enough;
    informalmeasly, stingy, mingy, pathetic
    “small helpings of vegetables”
  • 2. insignificant; unimportant.
    “these are small points”

    synonyms: slight, minor, unimportant, trifling, trivial, insignificant, inconsequential, inappreciable,
    inconsiderable, negligible, nugatory, paltry, infinitesimal; informalminuscule, piffling, piddling
    “we may have to make a few small changes”

    plural noun: smalls; plural noun: small; noun: smalls

    1. British informal

    small items of clothing, especially underwear.

    2. West Indian

    a gratuity or smal gift of money.

    adverb: small

    1. into small pieces.
    “cut the okra up small”

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