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Speaking Situations: Simple Questions - Simple Questions

Conversation practice

1. Ask simple questions to guess your partner’s favorite celebrity (famous person).

For example,

Michael Jordan

Is he/she from the United States?

Yes, he is.

Is he a movie star?

No, he isn’t.

Does he/she play sports?

Yes, he does.

Does he play soccer?

No, he doesn’t.

Is he a basketball player?

Yes, he is.

Michael Jordan?


 2. Ask yes/no questions to guess what a classmate is thinking.

For example,

I’m thinking of an object in the room. Is it in the back of the room?
No, it isn’t. Is it very small?
No, it isn’t. Does the teacher use it every day?
Yes, she does. Can you write on it?
Yes, you can. Is it the blackboard?
Yes, it is.

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