The Word is:”take”


verb: take; 3rd person present: takes; past tense: took; gerund or present participle: taking; past participle: taken

1. lay hold of (something) with one’s hands; reach for and hold.
“he leaned forward to take her hand”

synonyms: lay hold of, take hold of, get hold of, get into one’s hands; grasp, grip, clasp, clutch,
“Anna smiled as she took his hand”

antonyms: give

  • capture or gain possession of by force or military means.
    “twenty of their ships were sunk or taken”

    synonyms: capture, seize, catch, take captive, arrest, apprehend, take into custody; carry off,
    abduct, lay hold of;
    trap, snare
    “many thousands of prisoners were taken”

    antonyms: free, liberate

  • (in bridge, whist, and similar card games) win (a trick).
    “West leads a club enabling his partner to take three tricks in the suit”
  • Chess
    capture (an opposing piece or pawn).
    “Black takes the rook with his bishop”
  • Cricket
    dismiss a batsman from (his wicket).
    “he took seven wickets in the second innings”
  • dispossess someone of (something); steal or illicitly remove.
    “someone must have sneaked in here and taken it”

    synonyms: steal, remove, appropriate, misappropriate, make off with, pilfer, purloin, abstract,

    dispossess someone of; informal filch, pinch, swipe, nick, snaffle, walk off with;
    rare peculate
    “these thieving toerags have taken my car”

  • antonyms: give

  • agree to buy (an item).
    “I’ll take the one on the end”
  • humorous
    (of a person) already be married or in an emotional relationship.
  • use or have ready to use.
    “take half the marzipan and roll out”
  • 2. remove (someone or something) from a particular place.
    “he took an envelope from his inside pocket”

    synonyms: remove, pull, draw, withdraw, extract, fish; confiscate, take possession of
    “he took an envelope from his inside pocket”

    antonyms: give

    3. carry or bring with one; convey.
    “he took along a portfolio of his drawings”

    synonyms: bring, carry, bear, transport, convey, move, transfer, shift, haul, drag, lug, cart, ferry;
    informal tote
    “I took it back to London with me”

    4. accept or receive (someone or something).
    “she was advised to take any job offered”

    synonyms: accept, take up, take on, undertake
    “I decided to take the job”

  • receive, obtain, gain, get, acquire, collect, accept, be given, be presented with, be awarded, have conferred on one;
    secure, procure, come by, win, earn, pick up, walk away/off with, carry off;
    informal land, bag, net, scoop, cop
    “she took the prize for best individual speaker”
  • antonyms: refuse

    5. consume as food, drink, medicine, or drugs.
    “take an aspirin and lie down”

    synonyms: drink, imbibe; consume, swallow, eat, ingest

    “she took a little wine with her dinner”

    6. make, undertake, or perform (an action or task).
    “Lucy took a deep breath”

    synonyms: perform, execute, effect, discharge, carry out, accomplish, fulfil, complete, conduct,
    implement, do, make, have; rare effectuate
    “applicants may be asked to take a test”
  • conduct (a ceremony or gathering).
  • British
    obtain (an academic degree) after fulfilling the required conditions.
    “she took a degree in business studies”
  • 7. require or use up (a specified amount of time).
    “the jury took an hour and a half to find McPherson guilty”

    synonyms: last, continue for, go on for, carry on for, keep on for, run on for, endure for; require,
    call for, need, necessitate, entail, involve
    “the journey should take a little over six hours”
  • hold; accommodate.
    “an exclusive island hideaway that takes just twenty guests”
  • 8. Grammar
    have or require as part of the appropriate construction.
    “verbs which take both the infinitive and the finite clause as their object”

    noun: take; plural noun: takes

    1. a scene or sequence of sound or vision photographed or recorded continuously at one time.
    “he completed a particularly difficult scene in two takes”

    synonyms: scene, sequence, filmed sequence, clip, part, segment

    “you need someone with a clapperboard at the start of each take”

  • a particular version of or approach to something.
    “his own whimsical take on life”
    synonyms: view of, reading of, version of, interpretation of, understanding of, account of, explanation of, analysis of, approach to
    “her wry and knowing take on sex and gender issues”
  • 2. an amount of something gained or acquired from one source or in one session.
    “the take from commodity taxation”

    synonyms: catch, haul, bag, yield, net
    “the whalers’ commercial take”
    revenue, income, gain, profit, money received, payments received;
    takings, proceeds, returns, receipts, profits, winnings, pickings, earnings, spoils;
    gate money, purse; informal bunce
    “he is determined to increase the state’s tax take”
  • US
    the money received at a cinema or theatre for seats.
  • 3. Printing
    an amount of copy set up at one time or by one compositor.

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