The Word is:”there”


/ ðɛː,ðə/


adverb: there; existential there: there

1. in, at, or to that place or position.
“we went to Paris and stayed there ten days”

  • used when gesturing to indicate the place intended.
    “there on the right”
  • at that point (in speech, performance, writing, etc.).
    “‘I’m quite—.’ There she stopped”
  • in that respect; on that issue.
    “I don’t agree with you there”
  • 2. used in attracting someone’s attention or calling attention to someone or something.
    “hello there!”
    3. used to indicate the fact or existence of something.
    “there’s a restaurant round the corner”


    exclamation: there

    1. used to focus attention on something.
    “there, I told you she wouldn’t mind!”
    2. used to comfort someone.
    “there, there, you must take all of this philosophically”

    Source credit: Google