The Word is:”up”


adverb: up

1. towards a higher place or position.

“he jumped up”

  • upstairs.
    “she made her way up to bed”
  • (of the sun) visible after daybreak.
    “the sun was already up when they set off”
  • expressing movement towards or position in the north.
    “he’s driving up to Inverness to see the old man”
  • to or at a place perceived as higher.
    “I’m going for a walk up to the shops”
  • used as a command to a soldier or an animal to stand up and be ready to move or attack.
    exclamation: up
    “up, boys, and at ’em”
  • (of food that has been eaten) regurgitated from the stomach.
    “I was ill and vomited up everything”
  • 2. at or to a higher level of intensity, volume, or activity.

    “she turned the volume up”

  • at or to a higher price, value, or rank.
    “sales are up 22.8 per cent at $50.2 m”
  • winning or at an advantage by a specified margin.
    “United were 3–1 up at half time”
  • 3. to the place where someone is.

    “Dot didn’t hear Mrs Parvis come creeping up behind her”

    4. into the desired or a proper condition.

    “the government agreed to set up a committee of inquiry”

  • so as to be finished or closed.
    “I’ve got a bit of paperwork to finish up”
  • 5. into a happy mood.

    “I don’t think anything’s going to cheer me up”

    6. out of bed.

    “Miranda hardly ever got up for breakfast”

    7. displayed on a noticeboard or other publicly visible site.

    “sticking up posters to advertise concerts”

    preposition: up

    1. from a lower to a higher point of (something).

    “she climbed up a flight of steps”

  • to a higher part of (a river or stream), away from the sea.
    “a cruise up the Rhine”
  • 2. along or further along (a street or road).

    “he lived up the road”

    3. informal

    at or to (a place).
    “we’re going up the Palais”

    adjective: up

    1. at an end.

    “his contract was up in three weeks”

    3. (of a road) being repaired.
    4. (of a computer system) functioning properly.

    “the system is now up”

    5. in a cheerful mood; ebullient.

    “the mood here is resolutely up”

    6.(of a jockey) in the saddle.

    noun informal
    noun: up; plural noun: ups

    1. a period of good fortune.

    “you can’t have ups all the time in football”

    verb: up; 3rd person present: ups; past tense: upped; past participle: upped; gerund or present participle: upping

    1. informal

    do something unexpectedly.
    “she upped and left him”

    2. increase (a level or amount).

    “capacity will be upped by 70 per cent next year”

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