The Word is:”was”


past tense: was

1. exist.

“there are no easy answers”
synonyms: exist, have being, have existence; live, be alive, have life, breathe, draw breath, be
extant, be
“there was this boy who lived next door”
  • be present.
    “there were no curtains around the showers”
    synonyms: be present, be around, be available, be near, be nearby, be at hand
  • “what theatres will there be for them to visit?”

    2. occur; take place.

    “the exhibition will be in November”
    synonyms:occur, happen, take place, come about, arise, crop up, transpire, fall, materialize,
    ensue; literarycome to pass, befall, betide
    “the trial is tomorrow”
  • occupy a position in space.
    “Salvation Street was on his left”
    synonyms: be situated, be located, be found, be present, be set, be positioned, be placed, be
  • installed
    “Pat was on the sofa in the living room”
  • stay in the same place or condition.
    “he’s a tough customer— let him be”
    synonyms: remain, stay, wait, linger;
    hold on, hang on;
    last, continue, survive, endure, persist,
  • prevail, obtain
    “after she’d been there a couple of hours she ordered a drink”

    4. informal

    “last time I saw her she was all ‘You need to quit smoking!’”

    past tense: was

    1. used with a present participle to form continuous tenses.

    “they are coming”

    2. used with a past participle to form the passive voice.

    “it was done”

    3. used to indicate something that is due or destined to happen.

    “construction is to begin next summer”

  • used to express obligation or necessity.
    “you are to follow these orders”
  • used to express possibility.
    “these snakes are to be found in North America”
  • used to hypothesize about something that might happen.
    “if I were to lose”
  • 4. archaic

    used with the past participle of intransitive verbs to form perfect tenses.
    “I am returned”

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