The Word is:”world”


noun: world; noun: the world; plural noun: worlds

    1. the earth, together with all of its countries and peoples.

    “he was doing his bit to save the world”
    synonyms: earth, globe, planet, sphere
    “he travelled the world with the army”
    all of the people and societies on the earth.
    “the whole world hates a Monday”
    synonyms: everyone, everybody, each and every one, people, mankind, humankind, humanity,
    people everywhere, the whole world, the world at large, the public, the general public, the population, the populace, all and sundry, every mother’s son, every Tom, Dick, and Harry, every man jack
    “she would show the world that she was no weak-kneed lady of leisure”

  • denoting one of the most important people or things of their class.
    modifier noun: world
    “a world superstar”
  • one’s life and activities.
    noun: one’s world; plural noun: one’s worlds
    “he felt his whole world had collapsed”
  • 2.a particular region or group of countries.

    “the English-speaking world”

  • a particular period of history.
    “the ancient world”
  • a particular group of living things.
    “the animal world”
  • all that relates to a particular sphere of activity.
    “they were a legend in the world of British theatre”
    synonyms: sphere, society, circle, arena, milieu, province, domain, territory, orbit, preserve,
  • realm, field, discipline, area, department, sector, section, group, division
    “the academic world”

    3. human and social interaction.

    “he has almost completely withdrawn from the world”
    synonyms: society, high society; More
    secular interests, temporal concerns, earthly concerns;
    human existence
    “she renounced the world and became a nun”

  • secular or material matters as opposed to spiritual ones.
    “parents are not viewed as the primary educators of their own children, either in the world or in the Church”
  • a stage of human life, either mortal or after death.
    “in this world and the next”
  • 4. another planet like the earth.

    “the possibility of life on other worlds”
    synonyms: planet, satellite, moon, star, heavenly body, orb

    “he was convinced of the possibility of life on other worlds”

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